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Boner bummer: Worst Celeb Butts

So, as any avid reader of the Truthfully Lying blog knows we recently did a post on the finest celebrity butts on the market. It was a truly stunning piece of internet journalism and i’m sure it will be nominated for whatever the pulitzer prize is for online publishing. Let’s hope Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen are all cleaned up by then and are available to hand the golden mouse to us.

You know, those two should really hook up, can you imagine the competition they would have of trying to outdo each other for media attention? My money is on Sheen for having an orgy in a u-haul that crashes into the zoo which in turn releases Lions into Los Angeles that immediately sniff out the decaying body of Gary Busey and pounce. But I digress.

The real purpose of this post is to counter our previous post with one that will make your eyes water and possibly result in you lying on the floor in the fetal position sobbing uncontrollably. We give you……the worst female celebrity asses.

Not only is she extremely pale and not nearly as trashy in a bikini as she may appear in a music video but she could probably be used as a stiff board for the next NFL player who gets his head taken off by James Harrison. I can just picture Al Michaels making the announcment now “And they are bringing Kesha out on the cart to keep Vince Young prone now”

Tara Reid
There were much more unflattering bikini pictures of Tara’s ass but in an effort to keep my lunch in it’s rightful spot I was unable to use them.

Notice how Tara uses a pair of low cut jeans to accentuate the fact that she has absolutely nothing to bring to a booty shake contest. She will not be “tagged in” by Nick Cannon or whoever ran that stupid dance contest show anytime soon.

Victoria “Posh” Beckham

Ahhh the only relevant spice girl, and that is using the term relevant very, very loosely. Unfortunately it appears her bum also saw Spice World or heard any of their albums and decided it wanted no part of what the future held. Probably a sound decision.

To be fair, i’m sure she couldn’t care what the blogosphere  says, she has a multi-millionaire husband who’s looks appear to be favoured by a number of ladies, and she can shop till she drops in an effort to find clothes that will help make that hiney look better.