Monthly Archives: December 2010

Bottom’s up! The best female celeb butts

Isn’t it annoying when you are looking at hot celebrities behind your girlfriend/wife’s back and you just can’t think of any talent to ogle. I mean let’s be honest it’s tough to think of a hot celebrity sometimes. So we are here to help you, because that’s what we do. But let’s focus on a specific area of the body today…the badonk, the hiney, the booty. Here’s our top four in no particular order. Feel free to add your thoughts.

Jessica Biel – Athletic and fit

Kim Kardashian – A whole yard sale worth of junk in this trunk

Nicole Scherzinger – Could easily bounce some buttons off this dancer’s hindquarters

Jessica Alba – Sculpted by the gods, I dare you to find a flaw

Since I couldn’t figure out how to work the images in tune with the text below is a mish-mash of fantasstic pictures of the above ladies.


Christmas songs to stuff your stocking

Fa la lala la la la la lahhhhhhh! Tis the season people. Grab a candy cane, your favourite little drummer boy, or your uncle who’s puking in the fig tree after too many Rum-Nogs and celebrate the season with these non-shitty christmas tunes.

…and the winner for best outfit worn during a christmas special goes to…AARON NEVILLE!