What time is it Mr. Wolf?

Well kid, Mr. Wolf has no fucking clue what time it is because every single one of the clocks he encounters everyday tells him a different bloody time!

How is it possible that of the 10 to 12 clocks I look at a day none of them have the same time on them. Take for example my workplace, where I am sitting right now, which has three seperate clocks all within eyesite: 9:20 on blackberry, 9:18 on computer, 9:16 on phone console……pardon? They are all electronic and the blackberry and computer are literally networked to each other! How is it possible that there are three different times. How do I know which one to trust so that I leave work the second I’m supposed to instead of giving my company a bonus minute or two of time in the office to make up for writing blog posts at work? Ridiculous.

Thematical musical interlude:

And don’t even get me started on the various clocks at my house. The microwave and oven clocks are obvious toss outs because everyone knows those are never even remotely close to the time, but my laptop, blackberry and television clocks are all skewed so harshly that it is impossible to try and guess when to leave my apartment to try and catch the bus when needed.

And have you ever had this one, where you are looking at the clock in your car which you are pretty confident is bang on accurate and then the radio announcer says “…and current time is 8:24” which is approximately five minutes ahead of what time you actually thought it was according to your dashboard clock.

In a digital age isn’t there some kind of instrument that will just sync all your clocks together to match the greenwich mean time or whatever the worldwide clock that is king to all other clocks tell us? Is there an app for that apple?


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