World Series Prediction

Although i’m sure Bud Selig is tearing his hair out over the fact that neither the Yankees nor the Phillies made it into the big game this year, it is nice to have a couple of fresh faces in the fall classic. One of them is really, really fresh in fact since the Texas Rangers had never won a single playoff series before this year, let alone made it to the World Series. So kudos to them and kudos to the Giants also, who came from out of nowhere before the season started to end up in the big game. I’m sure not many people predicted a Rangers v. Giants world series at the beginning of the year. Since I have no alliances to either of these teams I will put on my sports-wizard hat and predict the winner of this series.

It should be a rather entertaining matchup to watch, although it might not be to everyone’s taste when the first pitch is thrown tonight in San Francisco. These teams both have some serious bats in their lineups, but their meat and potatoes are the marquee pitchers they both sport so expect the games to be low-scoring nail-biters. Definately worth catching at the pub with some friends, and fortunately Mr. Bettman was nice enough to give the Canucks a week long break so we will need to fill that obvious sports void somehow.

I see the lovely, circular flag filled world series trophy being hoisted by the Rangers in 6 games. Cliff Lee will have two of those wins and will be named the MVP, hands down. The guy has never been beat in post season play so maybe a regular contender will smarten up enough to offer the guy a long term contract next year so he doesn’t keep getting traded around. How is it possible that the best playoff pitcher in recent memory has played on 4 teams in the last 2 seasons? Pure craziness.

I see the Rangers’ pitching stifling the Giants’ bats enough to carry them to a series win. The cinderella of the post-season, Cody Ross, will proceed to go 0-for this series and the rest of the Giants hitters will struggle mightily as well. The Rangers have just enough pop in their offense that they should be able to overcome the Giants studly pitching staff and put some runs on the board to support their pitchers. Buster Posey also hasn’t been gunning guys down on the base paths that well this post season so look for the Rangers to try and take advantage of that by swiping bags often.

All-in-all a great way to end another ridiculously long baseball season. But the world series is always worth watching, so make sure you tune in for some good sporting.

Oh and I saw this great article on Yahoo! this morning, turns out Bengie Molina doesn’t care who wins because he gets a ring anyways!


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