The Tipping Point

Tip – A gratuity (a voluntary additional payment made for services rendered)

Let’s focus on the key word of that definition: VOLUNTARY

Sorry service people, but the majority of you are abusing the shit out of the tipping model. A tip should not be automatically expected just because you are a waiter or a taxi driver or someone who works in another position that typically earns tips. You have to actually EARN your tip, kind of like how the rest of the population does for their regular salary (well not me really but you get the drift).

Recently while in Las Vegas the company that was supposed to take us to the airport did a drive by while we were standing there and kept driving without stopping or even acknowledging our presence. After placing a call to them I was informed that bus was full and they would have to reroute another bus to us. Basically, if I hadn’t called they were giving me the big ol screw you. Couldn’t your bus have at least stopped and told me to call the number or called the number from their radio? Nope. So to me, this is bad service. Not tip worthy at all. So when the other driver that was sent to pick us off deposited us at the airport we grabbed our bags, said thanks and he replied with “Do you need any change?”. We had paid with a voucher so this was his less-than-subtle way of saying “where’s my tip?”. Well son, your tip is back at the head office or with the first driver that flew by right in front of us and was ready to leave us at our hotel. So why don’t you go ask them for some money because your company hasn’t earned anything from me.

Here are some “voluntary” tips for those people earning tips:
– Provide good service: Whether you are bringing dinner or drinks, make an effort to move things along as quick as possible. That’s what most people are looking for.
– Be polite and courteous: It’s pretty simple, put a smile on your face and interact with the customers in a polite manner without stepping on their conversation.
– Show some cleavage: Works everytime against men doesn’t it ladies, unless you shouldn’t be showing cleavage at which point that will cost you points. Hey, I think it’s unfair too, to the 1 or 2 girls that may read this blog and think “asshole”. I’d much rather if they didn’t flirt, wear short skirts and skimpy tops because then I wouldn’t have to tip them as much
– Be understanding: When you’ve done a shitty job, and know that you have don’t let a desperation hail mary go like the bus driver did. Show some dignity, acknowledge that you sucked, and eat it. Use it as a lesson on what not to do.


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