Heaven or hell just got a lot funnier

The greatest decision NBC’s Last Comic Standing ever made was hiring Greg Giraldo to be a judge on their stand up comic reality show. Many people will have never heard of him unless they have seen some of the Comedy Central Roasts, but his ability to mix anger, cynicism, and social commentary into hilarious jokes made him one of the top comedians out there. He didn’t rise to popularity like your Louis CKs or Daniel Tosh’s but he was in their echelon of comedy. As you can tell by my past tense he is no longer with us as of last week, yet another funny man struck down way too early in his career. So here are a couple of comics that you should take note of who are no longer with us:

Greg Giraldo
Make sure you get his CD Good Day to Cross a River and the DVDDave Attell Insomniac Tour Presents – Sean Rouse, Greg Giraldo & Dane Cook

Mitch Hedburg
Make sure you get his CD Strategic Grill Locations (Dig)

I could say George Carlin, but that dude was old when he was dead. So that’s all I can really think of at the moment. But here are some funny dudes that probably won’t be next to go, at least I hope not.

Ryan Hamilton
Just finally starting to get some exposure with a nice run on Last Comic Standing. Hilarious guy, go see him if he comes to your town.

Kyle Kinane
I just saw this guy at a recent comedy festival and mark my words, the dude’s elaborate stories and stage presence is just hilarious. Go see him.
Make sure you get his CD Death of the Party [Explicit]


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