Is Angelina Jolie “hot” anymore?

Remember when those relatively terrible Tomb Raider Movies came out and they skyrocketed, well maybe air ballooned, to success? What was the reason for the success – the script? the cinematography? Nope. It was all about Angelina Jolie looking sexy and wrapped up in skin-tight clothing that every computer nerd wished their girlfriend would wear….wait a minute that’s not right. Dreamed their imaginary girlfriend, who looks a lot like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider, wore everyday.

Then came Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Angelina Jolie dressed like a dominatrix as she wrestles Brad Pitt (dude’s a good looking man) away from the unquestionable beauty of Jennifer Aniston. She topped the sexy lists and played a key roll in men’s, and no doubt women’s, one-hand stands with themselves. She was saucy, an apparent sex fiend, and downright gorgeous. The perfect storm of sexiness every guy dreams about and every guy-who-dreams-about-her’s girlfriend scoffs haughtily at.

Skip forward a couple of years and sure, she has gone a little crazy with snatching kids up from every possible country on the planet, but she’s still Angelina Jolie – Sex Goddess. The things dreams are made up of. But then you started to see more images like this…

Those veins are crazy and they are an instant dick-limpener. So you think, okay she’s just getting older, these things happen.  A quick googling shows she is just 35 this year!!!!! When you are getting out-aged by Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, and even Helen Miren then it is time to turn in your status as “Hot” i’m afraid.

So who does that leave as the automatic topper of most sexy lists? Hmm sounds like a post that could be fun to write. As a self-accredited journblogalist I will definately have to do some serious research to make sure I do this story justice. I won’t take the easy route and just give it to Megan Fox or Bar Rafaeli without offering up other possible sex symbols. This will be my War and Peace.


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