Worst Sports Teams Logos

Having a home sports team to root and cheer for is a beautiful thing. Having one with a great logo makes it all the easier to display your pride in your team without looking like a dickhead. That jerk I invited to my 7th birthday party didn’t quite grasp that concept as he showed up with a teal green Florida Marlins hat that he thought I would wear. Nice try, I don’t live in Florida, and i’m hopefully not tripping on ecstasy at that age so I have no use for it.

The Marlins have been smart enough to clean up the look since those disastrous starting days and to be honest, the logo isn’t actually that bad. But here are some organizations/cities that should truly be ashamed of the logos/brands they have created. Oh and for those teams that are mentioned below don’t take the approach of “Well that’s just your opinion buddy”. Take a pro-active approach and talk to your mayor, president, prime minister, premier, governor or whoever else will listen and try to make a change in this world. Either that or just live with the fact that your team has a shitty logo and will probably never win a championship.

Atlanta Thrashers

Is a violent rooster really the best that a hockey team from Georgia could do? Then they added on that lovely font of writing which apparently turns the rooster into a serial killer from some kind of B scary movie. You might as well have gone for the Atlanta Peaches. The worse part is that they made the colours of the logo completely hideous. I give them another 2-3 years before they do a full-on logo redesign and hopefully come up with something half decent. On a side note, is Georgia some kind of bird sanctuary? Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta hawks, Atlanta Thrashers. Oh and making the third jerseys a lovely robin’s egg blue isn’t so good either.

Arizona Diamondbacks

This is one of my favourites because after their initial disastrous logo they sat down and thought “Hmm, this thing is a real piece of shit. What should we do?” So they changed the colours. Genius. The “A” and the writing is still too comical to take a professional sports team serious and the colours are only minimally better. In fact, they just piggybacked on the Phoenix Coyotes new colour scheme. So, Georgia has birds, Arizona has mud brick red, black and white.

Apparently they haven’t heard the phrase “You can cover a shit pie in as much icing as you want, but it’s still a shit pie”. Probably because I just made that up, well at least I think I did.

Golden State Warriors

What came first, the clip art looking Washington Wizard or the Golden State Warrior? I don’t know but I’m taking a shot and saying the Wiz came first. The reason I say this is because these logos make me think of one another….not really what you want when you are competing teams. Anyways they both suck, but since the Warrior people didn’t pick up the fact that they look remarkably similar i’ve decided to ring them up for a terrible logo choice. Warriors is a cool enough name but where does the lightning bolt as a weapon enter the ring? Is Golden State known for their lightning storms? Or do they just produce a lot of electricity? I don’t know. What I do know is that they have shit the bed on the rebranding of their basketball team. Oh and in case you didn’t know that the Warriors play basketball they were nice enough to put a big orange ball in back of the logo, like the sun glistening down on the fearless lightning warrior/electrical technician.

Cleveland Browns

On one hand I really appreciate the Cleveland Browns lack of effort on a logo, but in terms of making fans happy how can you possibly get excited about a team logo that is literally a football helmet painted……orange????
“Excuse me, our team is named the browns”
“Yeah but brown is such a shitty colour, nobody would want to wear that. We are going to go with orange”


In another sense, the logo is brilliant because it truly symbolizes the lack of caring on the players and team managements part about their team. So maybe that was what they were going for, and if so….then I think we can all agree the Browns’ logo is spot on.


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