Office Politics – Wedding/Baby Showers

I hate working in an office full of ladies because they all feel the need to celebrate everything. Don’t get me wrong, some things are worthy of celebration and i’m more than happy to give you a slap on the shoulder and an ‘atta girl when you finally come clean that the 50 pounds you’ve put on while wolfing down McDonald’s is due to being pregnant. Cool, congratulations, how awesome for you.


That should be the end of it, right there….but noooooo everyone needs to get together and have a baby shower for your co-worker that you may or may not like. Oh and we’re going to get her a baby basket full of stuff she’ll need so why don’t you go ahead and fork over some cash. What??? Oh and guess what, Susie is getting married we’ll need some money to throw her a wedding shower.


Here’s an idea, why don’t you tell them to get friends of their own. That way they can annoy their friends with their wedding plans or morning sickness stories, because I don’t need to hear them. And if you’re the one organizing these shindigs…well maybe you should get some friends of your own that you can throw these parties for. Why would I keep spending my money on people I am not friends with but am forced to be friendly with thanks to the close confines of a workplace. Karma points? Forget that, I got a foul ball at a baseball game and gave it to the kid in front of me, i’m covered for a while.

Where are the celebrations for me, I’m not going to be producing a baby anytime soon nor am I getting married, yet i’ve had to sink $150-200 over the past couple of years into this type of party.

How do you say “Fuck off” politely when someone comes around asking for money for a co-workers event that you want to have nothing to do with??? It’s just one of those questions, like Why is the sky blue?

I know this sounds like the ramblings of a bitter, angry co-worker but really it breaks down to this simple point – I would never buy presents for some of these people in real life, so why does working with them change that at all? Set up an anonymous gift donation jar somewhere and people can contribute to that person’s event if they like. Maybe that will teach your co-workers to be more friendly in hopes of getting more money for better presents at their showers – which will, no doubt, happen. Good thing i’m not having one soon because my donation jar would be empty…..and i’d be quite alright with that.


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