Comics that’ll keep you laughing

Everybody loves a good video of a monkey eating their own shit on youtube or some girl getting smacked in the face by her own attempt to slingshot a watermelon, but Youtube also offers you a chance to view some of the best stand up comedy around. I personally feel that stand up comedy does not get enough attention from the majority of the population, I can only imagine how hard it is to stand up on a stage while some drunk retard who thinks he is funnier than you hurls lame insults from the 3rd row. Talented stand up comics write material that relates directly to you and allows you to laugh about that weird thing that you thought you were the only person in the world that that happened to. They also are able to take issues that no one else is willing to talk about (race, mental health, drinking, drugs) and allow people to laugh about them instead of the topics being too racy for people to discuss normally. I highly recommend you keep your eyes open for talented Stand up comics that come to your home town, it is always an entertaining way to spend a night.

Here are some of the funniest ones out there:

Dave Attell
Make sure you catch: Skanks for the Memories

Daniel Tosh
Make sure you check out: Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious

Louis CK
Make sure you check out: Chewed Up

Dave Mordal
Make sure you check out: He’s the host of Wreckreation Nation but it’s tough to find a CD or anything from him.


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