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Fantasy Sports: The ultimate daydream

By now if you own a computer, watch sports, or go through life with either your eyes or ears open you have heard about the concept of “Fantasy Sports”. Many people throughout the world play them, many people that don’t play them think the players are huge losers and nerds that weren’t coordinated and couldn’t play actual sports. Fair enough….dicks.

Do you pay attention to sports?

Do you get bored at work?

If you answered yes to even one of those questions then maybe you should take a second look at fantasy sports. Sure you may be a dumbass and can’t quite understand the concept of how scoring works or how you draft players that you don’t know anything about, but the beauty of it is that there are thousands of FREE leagues out there to start with until you can figure it out. Or maybe you man up, grab a pair of balls and throw $25 into a pot and start that way. Hey, maybe the $25 will even help motivate you to try your hardest, those 8th place participant badges you have hanging in your room from Grade 6 tell us how much of a “go-getter” you are.

If you want an accurate depiction of what you are missing by ignoring fantasy sports watch “The League” on FX Networks. Watch the entire series and if you don’t understand the benefits of fantasy sports then you can feel free to go on back home to your boyfriend/cat that you live with.

Here’s a quick recap of what you are missing out on by not playing fantasy sports:
1. An excuse to get away from the girlfriend/wife/family – we saw this in Knocked Up.
2. A great way to get some quality man time together – this is this generations poker night: get together, watch a game, trash talk, drink beer what more could you possibly want?
3. Great workday time-eater – There is always something to do with your fantasy team, whether it is reading the latest news on your players, researching which people to play for the upcoming scoring period, or trying to wheel and deal your buddy for a player you want
4. When you break it down, it’s gambling – Who doesn’t love gambling?
5. Improves your sports knowledge – this way instead of looking like the dweeb that never even held a ball growing up you can get into the conversations with co-workers about who is a better player Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson.

There are fantasy leagues for just about any sport out there, you just have to hunt them out. The tougher part can be finding pay leagues. The best sites to go for playing are:
1. Yahoo Sports
2. ESPN Sports
3. CBS Sportsline (For money games they don’t pay out to Canada so beware)
4. Fanball

Football season is coming up soon, so get your league together and start pretending your a GM. This is as close as you’ll get.