Who is the real Most Interesting Man in the World?

By now we have all seen the brilliant Dos Equis advertisements that feature “The Most Interesting Man in the World”. They couldn’t have cast the actor any better than they did and i’m guessing as soon as he walked into the casting room and spoke his first words they knew they had the man for the job. His gray hair reeks of a vast life that has experienced more than anyone could ever imagine and his brogue, slightly-accented voice makes you hang on his every word. But still….he is only a made up character.

So who does that leave as the real-life “Most Interesting Man in the World”? Who could possibly be deserving enough of having that title placed on them. I have some thoughts

George Clooney
His acting talent is diverse and allows him to work in anything from a serious role to a comedic endeavor, but one thing that doesn’t change is the machismo and cool aura that surrounds him every step of the way. From what I recall he does a bunch of charity work too, hangs out with the most gorgeous ladies in the world, attends the hottest events, and has the money to do whatever he wants. My favourite story about George was how he said he was going to open a school to try and teach all these stupid, press-starved, wanna-be-celebrities how to act like normal people and not morons that “accidentally” panty flash every single camera that is around.

Clive Cussler
This novelist and man of the ocean’s knowledge and research skills mean he must have one of the largest brains full of interesting tales, adventures, and history. His love of the ocean and searching for shipwrecks’ only competition for his attention is his obsession with classic automobiles, which he works into every one of his classic Dirk Pitt novels.

I’m not as big a fan of this option but you can’t argue with a jet-setting rock star who uses his influence for worthy causes. He’s been to every corner of the earth, including some of the less desirable spots so you can only imagine the number of stories he has about his travels. Women, rock, partying, saving the world – all in a days work for this U2 lead singer. He doesn’t quite have the appearance or the visual charisma of the other two candidates in my honest opinion, but you can’t count him out.

These are only the first couple of options that I thought of, i’m sure there are plenty more out there and maybe you would care to share your opinion – even though, no doubt, it isn’t as smart as mine.


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