Lebron, Wade, Bosh….who needs them

There was a lot of hype last week with the Lebron James signing in Miami. But really, it was a pretty obvious decision as soon as Bosh signed in Miami….hell it was obvious before Bosh signed there.

Let’s see…..you’re going to pay me millions of dollars, i’m going to play with my friend, and i’m going to live in a city that is right on the water and gets a ton of sunshine all year. Orrrrrrr….I could get a seasons pass to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Tough call.

This isn’t the first time superstar athletes have left crappy cities, resulting in a tailspin for the franchise located there to find players willing to play for them. Exhibit B – Edmonton Oilers.

But one that always puzzled me was the Vancouver Grizzlies. Vancouver is constantly talked about as one of the most liveable cities in the world, they have everything at their door step: mountains, oceans, recreation, great food, friendly people. Yet the Grizzlies had one of the toughest tasks getting people to want to play in the city. Sure maybe it had something to do with the fact that the team was the worst piece of shit ever to grace a basketball court, but why wouldn’t a number of superstars want to head up there to play.

Here is my version of the ultimate Vancouver Grizzlies starting lineup:

Centre: Standing 7 feet tall and weighing in at a slim 275 lbs the Grizzlies first draft pick ever, he really set the tone for the franchise…..
Bryant “Big Country” Reeves

Forward: Standing 6′ 10, weighing 230 lbs (yes that is 2 inches shorter and 45 lbs lighter than Big Country), sporting some wicked greased up white guys hair and looking like he should be a banker instead of a ball player……
Pete Chilcutt

Power Forward: Standing 6’11 and weighing in at a svelt 235 lbs, after having a pretty successful run as a professional he decided to milk the Grizzlies out of money…..
Cherokee Parks

Shooting Guard: Standing 6’1 and weighing a hefty 165 lbs this “shooting specialist” held the lowest field goal % for the Grizzlies both years he played for them while being paid $3,000,000 per season……
Brent Price

Point Guard: The franchise player Vancouver always needed because Shareef was never clutch enough to do anything, the Grizzlies had the 2nd pick overall and used it to take him…..and then proceeded to deal him to the Rockets for spare parts before he even played a single game for us (they could have had Lamar Odom who now has numerous championship rings and had publicly stated “I would love to play in Vancouver”)….
Steve Francis

With this kind of talent on your bench it kind of makes you wonder how Vancouver ended up in such a bad situation that they had to move to good ‘ol Memphis (where attendance still sucks and the team hemhorages money I believe).

So suck on that Miami, you may have gotten Lebron, D Wade, and CB4 – but you’ll never be able to assemble the kind of talent that led Vancouver to be the worst franchise ever in the history of sports. And any of you other franchises that are whining about missing out on those free agents, just be thankful that you didn’t have Stu Jackson at the helm of your team sinking them like he did the Grizz.


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