Shut up Toronto

Doesn’t anyone else think that Rogers should spend just a little bit more on making “Sportsnet” a better network? I don’t know how much longer I can stand dealing with TSN. After reading countless stories coming out of TSN regarding the imminent signing of Chris Bosh in Miami I can’t help but feel relieved. It is bad enough that I have to hear about Maple Leafs all season long even though they finished 29th out of 30 teams. Over the last several years we have been lucky enough to have TSN force feed us the CFL and the annual World Junior Hockey Championship. I like the WJHC, the CFL is horrible. At least the WJHC is a good sporting event, the speed and pace of the game are excellent, but this tournament isn’t as big of a deal as TSN thinks it is. Nobody else in the world cares about it, just like nobody outside of the TSN studio and Regina care about the CFL. Do you think they have wall to wall coverage of the WJHC in Sweden? Finland? Russia? Show the game, but stop selling the enormity of the event like it is the World Cup of Soccer. It is this mentality that has surrounded Chris Bosh for the last 7 years?!? Come on. Chris Bosh isn’t a “superstar” and quite frankly I think the Raptors did well on this one. They can develop and groom some players who are eager to just be in the NBA. The only travesty here is that Chris Bosh and Toronto deserved each other, they are equally as confused. CB4 thinks that he is on the same level as LeBron or Dwade and can act like a “superstar”. Sadly, he is Scottie Pippen (being very generous) to Michael Jordan or Art Garfunkel to Paul Simon. Bosh’s misconception is kind of like how Toronto thinks that they are a world class city, similar to maybe New York or London. Sorry TSN, Toronto, its’ simply not true. Why wouldn’t CB4 play for the Miami Heat? Where would you want to collect a multi, multi million dollar pay cheque? Toronto? Or Miami? Don’t ask the Toronto sports media though, because obviously they think Toronto is the mecca of sports. They can do no wrong over there in Hogtown, just check out Mr. Cybulski’s blog.

“Having exclusive shows on national television to announce where you’re going is silly”. Uh, James…. I hate to point out the obvious, but you work for a network that broadcasts “Free Agent Frenzy” from coast to coast on July 1st. That show is 5 to 6 hours of NHL players and teams announcing where they are going to sign. Don’t get me wrong, I watch, but I am also not in denial, I realize how fucked up that broadcast is. Lets not get started on “Deadline Day”. I understand that Cybulski is upset that Bosh left town, but to criticize the guy for “leaving an organization to twist in the wind” or “his lack of respect for the Raptors” or how his legacy is tarnished? What legacy? Chris Bosh did nothing wrong, except for thinking that he is bigger and better then he is. That is Miami’s problem now. The Toronto Raptors are a bad team, the Toronto Maple Leafs are a bad team, the Toronto Blue Jays are a bad team, nobody likes the CFL. The only thing Toronto has going for it in the sports world is TFC. Unfortunately, TSN doesn’t have the rights to that so during the summer months we are force fed crappy “football”, stories on how great Brian Burke is and now stories on how disrespectful Chris Bosh is. Enough already.



2 responses to “Shut up Toronto

  1. Please sorry, CFL not horrible. I will write you a big long e-mail to tell you why but I would rather not. I do not understand why people think the CFL is bad football cuz it isn’t.

    Figure it out.

  2. Truthfully Lying

    “Please Sorry, CFL not horrible”. That short, simple yet very informative comment is all I need to understand why you like the CFL. Cheers. I would hate to see what a “long e-mail” would turn out like, but I do look forward to reading it.

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