Fall Preview: TV to watch when the weather gets worse

This fall television show preview is early…..way to early some might say. The regular season for the good tv shows wrapped up only a few months ago and as much as people look forward to new episodes of their favourites shows, it also usually signals the end of summer and the downward spiral of the ‘ol mercury. But its always nice to see what might be out there for watching this September/October and sometimes you find some hidden gems which you cheer for as if they were your hometown sports team (ie. Arrested Development, Life, or Studio 60), at which point the networks will go ahead and cancel them leaving you wrapped up in a little ball on your floor crying alone for days on end. But we can talk about the fascinating issue of solo-crying in another blog post, let’s focus on some shows that have made a good enough pitch to get them the Buster Bluth 2 hooks up recommendation.

Hawaii 5-0
I know, I know. You have probably laughed and shaken your head with my first recommendation, and for good reason. I had the exact same thought when I first heard they were doing a remake. Desperation and a lack of creativity seemed evident when I first heard they were remaking this classic cop show. I was a big fan of this show growing up and thought there was no way they could do as good a job nowadays. Then I watched this preview

From what I can tell there is a pretty solid chemistry between Alex O’Laughlin (Steve McGarrett) and Scott Caan (Danny Williams) which will help carry the show as that was part of the key to the original Hawaii Five-0.

Mr. Sunshine
Matthew Perry is a funny guy and hopefully this show is as well written as the clips in the preview show because I found myself laughing quite a few times. The supporting cast for this show seems to be almost on par with Perry in the comedy department so it should be entertaining. The preview says the show starts later next season which is never a good sign but after last years successful Modern Family and Cougartown maybe ABC can actually build up a decent comedy lineup. My guess is this show doesn’t make it more than 6 episodes in although i’ll be routing for it.

Running Wilde
Here is a definate sleeper Sitcom starring Will Arnett of Arrested Development fame and Keri Russell of Felicity fame. Can Keri keep up with the incredibly hilarious Arnett??? Who knows, but it should be worth checking out the first few episodes to see. The show is created/written by the same guys that did Arrested Development (Mitch Hurwitz/Jim Vallely) so obviously I am biased. But after they created that gem there is no reason to believe they couldn’t do something similar with this one. I predict it also gets cancelled due to people not having as refined a sense of humour as myself.


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