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Who is the real Most Interesting Man in the World?

By now we have all seen the brilliant Dos Equis advertisements that feature “The Most Interesting Man in the World”. They couldn’t have cast the actor any better than they did and i’m guessing as soon as he walked into the casting room and spoke his first words they knew they had the man for the job. His gray hair reeks of a vast life that has experienced more than anyone could ever imagine and his brogue, slightly-accented voice makes you hang on his every word. But still….he is only a made up character.

So who does that leave as the real-life “Most Interesting Man in the World”? Who could possibly be deserving enough of having that title placed on them. I have some thoughts

George Clooney
His acting talent is diverse and allows him to work in anything from a serious role to a comedic endeavor, but one thing that doesn’t change is the machismo and cool aura that surrounds him every step of the way. From what I recall he does a bunch of charity work too, hangs out with the most gorgeous ladies in the world, attends the hottest events, and has the money to do whatever he wants. My favourite story about George was how he said he was going to open a school to try and teach all these stupid, press-starved, wanna-be-celebrities how to act like normal people and not morons that “accidentally” panty flash every single camera that is around.

Clive Cussler
This novelist and man of the ocean’s knowledge and research skills mean he must have one of the largest brains full of interesting tales, adventures, and history. His love of the ocean and searching for shipwrecks’ only competition for his attention is his obsession with classic automobiles, which he works into every one of his classic Dirk Pitt novels.

I’m not as big a fan of this option but you can’t argue with a jet-setting rock star who uses his influence for worthy causes. He’s been to every corner of the earth, including some of the less desirable spots so you can only imagine the number of stories he has about his travels. Women, rock, partying, saving the world – all in a days work for this U2 lead singer. He doesn’t quite have the appearance or the visual charisma of the other two candidates in my honest opinion, but you can’t count him out.

These are only the first couple of options that I thought of, i’m sure there are plenty more out there and maybe you would care to share your opinion – even though, no doubt, it isn’t as smart as mine.


Bands that you should listen to

I’m not a record exec, a talent agent, or a cheesy tv reality show host but I think I have a pretty good ear for musical talent. It’s pretty simple really: interesting lyrics, good voice and the ability to create good background sound. Easy peasy.

So why do people waste their time listening to Faber Drive instead of some of these talented musicians/bands

The Middle East
Mark my words, these guys will blow up. They are way too talented and creative not to. An Australian band that uses most instruments imagineable and has a country meets Arcade Fire sort of sound. Get their album The Recordings of the Middle East Songs you should listen to: Blood, The Darkest Side, Hunger Song

The National
Talented rock band that is starting to get attention everywhere they go. Their lead singer’s deep, melodic voice sucks you in and refuses to spit you out as it rythmically yet clumsily leads you through his lyrics. Get their album High Violet Songs to listen too: Fake Empire, Blood Buzz Ohio, I’m Afraid of Everyone

Band of Skulls
Wicked, hard hitting british rock that features some great back and forth vocals between the male and female vocalists. Get their album Baby Darling Doll Face Honey Songs to listen to: I know what I am, Light of the Morning, Patterns

Lebron, Wade, Bosh….who needs them

There was a lot of hype last week with the Lebron James signing in Miami. But really, it was a pretty obvious decision as soon as Bosh signed in Miami….hell it was obvious before Bosh signed there.

Let’s see…’re going to pay me millions of dollars, i’m going to play with my friend, and i’m going to live in a city that is right on the water and gets a ton of sunshine all year. Orrrrrrr….I could get a seasons pass to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Tough call.

This isn’t the first time superstar athletes have left crappy cities, resulting in a tailspin for the franchise located there to find players willing to play for them. Exhibit B – Edmonton Oilers.

But one that always puzzled me was the Vancouver Grizzlies. Vancouver is constantly talked about as one of the most liveable cities in the world, they have everything at their door step: mountains, oceans, recreation, great food, friendly people. Yet the Grizzlies had one of the toughest tasks getting people to want to play in the city. Sure maybe it had something to do with the fact that the team was the worst piece of shit ever to grace a basketball court, but why wouldn’t a number of superstars want to head up there to play.

Here is my version of the ultimate Vancouver Grizzlies starting lineup:

Centre: Standing 7 feet tall and weighing in at a slim 275 lbs the Grizzlies first draft pick ever, he really set the tone for the franchise…..
Bryant “Big Country” Reeves

Forward: Standing 6′ 10, weighing 230 lbs (yes that is 2 inches shorter and 45 lbs lighter than Big Country), sporting some wicked greased up white guys hair and looking like he should be a banker instead of a ball player……
Pete Chilcutt

Power Forward: Standing 6’11 and weighing in at a svelt 235 lbs, after having a pretty successful run as a professional he decided to milk the Grizzlies out of money…..
Cherokee Parks

Shooting Guard: Standing 6’1 and weighing a hefty 165 lbs this “shooting specialist” held the lowest field goal % for the Grizzlies both years he played for them while being paid $3,000,000 per season……
Brent Price

Point Guard: The franchise player Vancouver always needed because Shareef was never clutch enough to do anything, the Grizzlies had the 2nd pick overall and used it to take him…..and then proceeded to deal him to the Rockets for spare parts before he even played a single game for us (they could have had Lamar Odom who now has numerous championship rings and had publicly stated “I would love to play in Vancouver”)….
Steve Francis

With this kind of talent on your bench it kind of makes you wonder how Vancouver ended up in such a bad situation that they had to move to good ‘ol Memphis (where attendance still sucks and the team hemhorages money I believe).

So suck on that Miami, you may have gotten Lebron, D Wade, and CB4 – but you’ll never be able to assemble the kind of talent that led Vancouver to be the worst franchise ever in the history of sports. And any of you other franchises that are whining about missing out on those free agents, just be thankful that you didn’t have Stu Jackson at the helm of your team sinking them like he did the Grizz.

Shut up Toronto

Doesn’t anyone else think that Rogers should spend just a little bit more on making “Sportsnet” a better network? I don’t know how much longer I can stand dealing with TSN. After reading countless stories coming out of TSN regarding the imminent signing of Chris Bosh in Miami I can’t help but feel relieved. It is bad enough that I have to hear about Maple Leafs all season long even though they finished 29th out of 30 teams. Over the last several years we have been lucky enough to have TSN force feed us the CFL and the annual World Junior Hockey Championship. I like the WJHC, the CFL is horrible. At least the WJHC is a good sporting event, the speed and pace of the game are excellent, but this tournament isn’t as big of a deal as TSN thinks it is. Nobody else in the world cares about it, just like nobody outside of the TSN studio and Regina care about the CFL. Do you think they have wall to wall coverage of the WJHC in Sweden? Finland? Russia? Show the game, but stop selling the enormity of the event like it is the World Cup of Soccer. It is this mentality that has surrounded Chris Bosh for the last 7 years?!? Come on. Chris Bosh isn’t a “superstar” and quite frankly I think the Raptors did well on this one. They can develop and groom some players who are eager to just be in the NBA. The only travesty here is that Chris Bosh and Toronto deserved each other, they are equally as confused. CB4 thinks that he is on the same level as LeBron or Dwade and can act like a “superstar”. Sadly, he is Scottie Pippen (being very generous) to Michael Jordan or Art Garfunkel to Paul Simon. Bosh’s misconception is kind of like how Toronto thinks that they are a world class city, similar to maybe New York or London. Sorry TSN, Toronto, its’ simply not true. Why wouldn’t CB4 play for the Miami Heat? Where would you want to collect a multi, multi million dollar pay cheque? Toronto? Or Miami? Don’t ask the Toronto sports media though, because obviously they think Toronto is the mecca of sports. They can do no wrong over there in Hogtown, just check out Mr. Cybulski’s blog.

“Having exclusive shows on national television to announce where you’re going is silly”. Uh, James…. I hate to point out the obvious, but you work for a network that broadcasts “Free Agent Frenzy” from coast to coast on July 1st. That show is 5 to 6 hours of NHL players and teams announcing where they are going to sign. Don’t get me wrong, I watch, but I am also not in denial, I realize how fucked up that broadcast is. Lets not get started on “Deadline Day”. I understand that Cybulski is upset that Bosh left town, but to criticize the guy for “leaving an organization to twist in the wind” or “his lack of respect for the Raptors” or how his legacy is tarnished? What legacy? Chris Bosh did nothing wrong, except for thinking that he is bigger and better then he is. That is Miami’s problem now. The Toronto Raptors are a bad team, the Toronto Maple Leafs are a bad team, the Toronto Blue Jays are a bad team, nobody likes the CFL. The only thing Toronto has going for it in the sports world is TFC. Unfortunately, TSN doesn’t have the rights to that so during the summer months we are force fed crappy “football”, stories on how great Brian Burke is and now stories on how disrespectful Chris Bosh is. Enough already.


Fall Preview: TV to watch when the weather gets worse

This fall television show preview is early…..way to early some might say. The regular season for the good tv shows wrapped up only a few months ago and as much as people look forward to new episodes of their favourites shows, it also usually signals the end of summer and the downward spiral of the ‘ol mercury. But its always nice to see what might be out there for watching this September/October and sometimes you find some hidden gems which you cheer for as if they were your hometown sports team (ie. Arrested Development, Life, or Studio 60), at which point the networks will go ahead and cancel them leaving you wrapped up in a little ball on your floor crying alone for days on end. But we can talk about the fascinating issue of solo-crying in another blog post, let’s focus on some shows that have made a good enough pitch to get them the Buster Bluth 2 hooks up recommendation.

Hawaii 5-0
I know, I know. You have probably laughed and shaken your head with my first recommendation, and for good reason. I had the exact same thought when I first heard they were doing a remake. Desperation and a lack of creativity seemed evident when I first heard they were remaking this classic cop show. I was a big fan of this show growing up and thought there was no way they could do as good a job nowadays. Then I watched this preview

From what I can tell there is a pretty solid chemistry between Alex O’Laughlin (Steve McGarrett) and Scott Caan (Danny Williams) which will help carry the show as that was part of the key to the original Hawaii Five-0.

Mr. Sunshine
Matthew Perry is a funny guy and hopefully this show is as well written as the clips in the preview show because I found myself laughing quite a few times. The supporting cast for this show seems to be almost on par with Perry in the comedy department so it should be entertaining. The preview says the show starts later next season which is never a good sign but after last years successful Modern Family and Cougartown maybe ABC can actually build up a decent comedy lineup. My guess is this show doesn’t make it more than 6 episodes in although i’ll be routing for it.

Running Wilde
Here is a definate sleeper Sitcom starring Will Arnett of Arrested Development fame and Keri Russell of Felicity fame. Can Keri keep up with the incredibly hilarious Arnett??? Who knows, but it should be worth checking out the first few episodes to see. The show is created/written by the same guys that did Arrested Development (Mitch Hurwitz/Jim Vallely) so obviously I am biased. But after they created that gem there is no reason to believe they couldn’t do something similar with this one. I predict it also gets cancelled due to people not having as refined a sense of humour as myself.