Office Politics – Your weekend stories

The mix of people, personalities, and idiosyncracies at any office will vary greatly and can lead to some interesting interactions between co-workers. Sometimes you will meet your new co-worker and there will be the instant friend connection (maybe even friend with benefit connection if your lucky), sometimes you will meet a new co-worker and realize immediately that you want nothing to do with them aside from the standard hello in the morning and any time your work paths cross. Sometimes it takes a while to assess the level of compatibility with your co-workers. You undergo a sort of rigorous “dating” process for lack of a better term trying to see if there is a connection by dropping some conversation snippets when you bump into them at the water cooler or adding a sarcastic sentence or two in an email to them.

One of my favourite ways to judge a co-worker on whether or not I like them is the “Do I really want to listen to you about your weekend” test.

I’m sad to say, for the majority of them the answer is no. Actually, i’m not sad to say that. I’m probably more annoyed that I have to say that because invariable you will have that person in the office that needs to move from office-to-office spreading the joy of their weekend to anyone and everyone, whether they really want to hear it or not. *Sidenote – this is probably the same person that will also trap you in your office to try to sell you their kids fundraising chocolates or raffle tickets.

If you lead an exciting life or it has been determined through interactions that you and I both enjoy the same sports teams or have like hobbies then i’m in. I’m ready to hear about your weekend and you probably did some stuff that i’m interested in hearing about. Unfortunately it never seems like a large portion of the office meshes well with me. Maybe i’m picky, maybe i’m an asshole, maybe nobody likes me, whatever the case its a select few usually. Which is too bad because I would much rather discuss sports, a movie, or a television show that I have in common with someone as opposed to how your husband and you went and visited your family for the day and flew kites.

Not interested. Someone please call my phone or something to get me out of hearing how your pottery class was crazy this weekend because the regular teacher wasn’t there so you ended up with someone who didn’t have the clay wheel thingy mastered so they splattered some mud on their smock. I’ve zoned out 2 seconds in and am just trying to ride this one out. You know how they teach you fire safety and earthquake preparedness in school, well they should add a third one for dealing with boring stories that you can’t get away from.

So please, if your a boring story person find someone equally as boring as you and annoy the shit out of them instead of ending up in my office wasting my time. The list of things that I would rather do than work is incredibly long……but in this case i’d rather work than listen to your crappy story. I believe that makes my point.


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