Office Politics – Your kids fundraisers

I’m going to start a new segment for the blog that will focus on frustrating things that happen in the day-to-day office world.

First topic, Fundraising for your kids school, sports team, charity, etc.

When I was growing up I played on plenty of sports teams and went to school (shocking I know). As a result there were many times when fundraising was required to attend a hockey tournament or put a class event on. The variety of fundraising efforts included car washes, bottle drives, and the ever nerve-wracking door to door sales pushing cookies, raffle tickets or whatever else they could think of. Not a fun job for kids as its never easy to knock on random peoples doors to try to sucker them into giving you money for something crappy. I would always complain to my dad and ask him to just take them into work. He refused, sayiing it was not fair to ask his employees to help out since it would put them in an impossible situation to say no. Nowadays I applaud the stance he took with me.

Is there anything more annoying than overhearing a co-worker selling the person occupying the office next to yours a raffle ticket for their kids baseball team and then hearing the stomp, stomp, stomp of a rather large elephant about to come through your door. Sure, you can try to avoid them and act like your on the phone, but they just keep coming back until you’re cornered.

The worst part is usually its not even something you want. Candy bars? Fine i’ll take one for your bloated price of $3, but i’m not buying an entire box out of the goodness of my heart. I don’t have enough money to give much to some very deserving charities so why should I dole out $20 for some crappy raffle ticket that gives me the chance to win a one night stay in a hotel 500 kilometers away from where I live. It’s not like i’m trying to be a cheapskate, I have financial obligations myself and when you are being asked multiple times a month for $10 here and $20 there it adds up quickly. I have way better things i’d rather use that money for.

I’m sure there are some people out there that will say “Well, you don’t understand. You don’t have kids.” You’re right I don’t, but I have plenty of other things out there that I could try to collect money from people at my work for. Lucky for them my dad’s lesson is still ingrained in me. I’m not going to force hockey pool registrations on these people so that they can help pay for my team’s new jerseys.

Plus it’s good experience to have your kid out there attempting to sell their own fundraising items. How often do sales skills come into play in everyday real life when you grow up. Might as well start getting comfortable with some awkward situations early on.

So the lesson here is, bringing your kids fundraising items into the office is like holding a loaded gun to a co-workers head. Like we have a choice in the matter once you start asking.


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