Is it just me or is cheese almost as valuable as gold these days? I mean sure you can go to Costco and grab a 300 pound block of Cheddar for like $20 bucks but when you go to a normal grocery store and grab a little package of peppered chevre to add a little spice to a salad your reaction at the till is probably much like my own. What the f&*#! My grocery bill just increased by like 20% for one chunk of goat cheese that i’m now going to have to incorporate into every meal I make this week just to make the most of the $10 I just spent. Chevre frosted cheerios anyone??

Chevres not the only culprit though, just go into that cheese isle and take a look at the various prices associated with flavoured cheeses/anything more exotic than havarti. Apparently the cheese fairy didn’t get the economic climate email in their cheese mail.

Now just so I don’t seem like a cheap prick I do accept the costs of some cheeses – namely ones that can last a while. I’m talking to you Parmesan. Upwards of $10 for a rather tiny slice, but you bag that baby up and you’ve got parmesan whenever you need it for upwards of a month. So Kudos to you Parmesan, you’re one of the good guys. But the rest of you cheeses that claim “oh if I get a little gangreen on me just pull out the scalpel and do a little amputation”. Bullshit, that might save me a couple of days but you’re still going bad quick and we all know it. It turns into a similar battle that we have with Milk, but at least milk uses blue collar pricing.

Your lucky you taste so good cheese because otherwise you would be on the prohibition list. You don’t want to be there, just ask the Chevy Cobalt.

All this being said, for a delicious way to add goat cheese to your salad, just toss a half-inch thick or so piece of cheese into some bread crumbs and fry it up in a pan quickly. It will be a little warm and gooey as you dig into your salad.


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