Why does people’s taste in TV shows suck?

The biggest loser, Real housewives of ” “, that show with the two nerds and the hot chick. Why do people watch this garbage when there are so many better shows that are produced each year???

Over the years stupid audiences have failed to pick up on amazing TV shows like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Life, and Arrested Development. These shows were all so strongly written and the characters were so well developed it boggles the mind to think how people couldn’t get into them. To make things worse, I always seem to pick the shows that get cancelled every year as my favourite new ones. I’m smart in my tv show selection, i’ll let you do the math on what that makes you.

Fortunately there are some networks that have vision and realize when they have a gem in their hands and they reap the rewards by having an uber-loyal audience to the shows. They also go out on the edge trying new brands of shows instead of re-packaging old crap and transpanting it in a new city (Hello CSI, Law & Order, and NCIS although to be fair NCIS, the original, is a good show).

If you haven’t seen these shows then you need to get your ass on the couch and focus:

1. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Get over the low-budget production and get into the way the cast interacts with each other) FX Networks

2. The Wire (Made it through 5 seasons, the best crime drama of the generation) HBO DVD

3. The League (A compliment to It’s Always Sunny…. and a necessity for any fantasy sports player) FX Networks

4. Tosh.0 (One of the top 3 stand-up comics out these days goes through online videos while making fun of anyone that gets in his way) Comedy Central/ The Comedy Network

5. Californication (Sharply written and makes you love David Duchovny again, this one is more mainstream than the other 4) Showtime

Networks also just announced their new upcoming fall schedules so i’ll be taking a look through and give you a possible top 5 to watch next fall over the upcoming weeks. I base my rankings on a scientific approach of cast, preview video, and name of show. I give myself a 10% chance of 1 of my chosen shows actually making it into a second season.


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