Where is Dan Marino?

Brett Favre is an asshole.  Is this the 4th year in a row that this over grown baby takes his sweet ass time to decide if he wants to get millions of dollars to play football?  Pack it in Brett, pack it in, you’re embarrassing yourself!  Not only did he turn his back on Green Bay when they told him what everyone else is thinking, “you’re too old Brett”, but one year later he was at it again when he joined the Vikings.  Did you see that he has now decided to further alienate himself by declaring if the Southern Mississippi college baseball team makes the finals he will play professional football for the Vikings.  How does that even make sense?  Has he been hit in the head too many times, or is the fact that he just isn’t that good starting to eff with his mind/overblown ego.  I hope Southern Mississippi doesn’t win another baseball game all year so this dinosaur can finally hang up his 40+ year old jock.  Or am I just being naïve, I’m sure Brett will find another stupid thing to say or write about how he hasn’t decided if he wants to play yet and he will make us all wait right up until training camp.  What is his problem?  I personally think that he is trying to secure himself a gig on a national football broadcast, but none of them will take him because he is a prima donna asshole.  Go back to the frigid northern US make your millions, shut up and just give the ball to Adrian Peterson, the only reason you did as well as you did last year….jerk.  Oh, and you look stupid in purple.


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