Only the beginning

After a sufficient amount of time bitching and moaning about daily happenings while rotting away in office cages we have decided to bring our annoying rants to the rest of the world. We will be heard. No longer will our non-sensical ramblings be confined to the one-on-one blackberry messenger. For too long we have sat back and watched media use some idiot blogger or twitterers opinion in their news. We want recognition, we want to be those cool @nerdlinger59 or “Uselessshit Blog” people that get quoted. Or maybe we just think we’re hilarious and people will use the comments section of this blog to trample all over our egos, before sending our carcasses to the glue factory.

You may not like us at first, or forever for that matter, but dammit we’ll keep this biatch interesting and opinionated and slowly spew our oily grumblings throughout the world just like British Petroleum  (see we’re topical). So strap in, do up the skates, stamp your passport and get hooked on some good ‘ol fashioned blogging.

We promise you our fact checking capabilities are still the same as they were in Grade 3 when our report on the Philipines GDP was word-for-word copied from a twelve year old encyclopedia Britannica. Our postings will be based on what has got our attention at that exact moment during our life. We are kind and generous people so we know you need/want to hear what’s on our minds.

Oh and nowhere do we claim to be writers, journalists, or professionals of any sort so we don’t really care about grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.



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